R Library Release Notes#

Version 1.5.0: August 29, 2023#

  • Updated schema set and examples to v1.5.

Version 1.4.1: August 27, 2022#

Significant internal refactoring to improve schema generalizability, harmonize behavior between the python and R libraries, and prepare for AIRR Standards v2.0.


  • Added the aux_types argument to read_tabular, read_rearrangement, and read_alignment to allow explicit declaration of the type for fields that are not defined in the schema.

  • Renamed read_airr, write_airr, and validate_airr to read_tabular, validate_tabular, and validate_tabular, respectively.

Data Model and Schema:

  • Defined new read_airr, write_airr, and validate_airr functions that support AIRR Data Model files that store arrays of objects in JSON or YAML.

  • Added support for the AIRR Model Data File and associated schema (DataFile, Info). The Data File data format holds AIRR object of multiple types and is backwards compatible with Repertoire metadata.

  • Added support for the new germline and genotyping schema (GermlineSet, GenotypeSet) and associated schema.

Version 1.3.0: May 26, 2020#

  • Updated schema set to v1.3.

  • Added info slot to Schema object containing general schema information.

Version 1.2.0: August 17, 2018#

  • Updated schema set to v1.2.

  • Changed defaults to base="1" for read and write functions.

  • Updated example TSV file with coordinate changes, addition of germline_alignment data and simplification of sequence_id values.

Version 1.1.0: May 1, 2018#

Initial release.