AIRR Software WG - Compliance Checklist for AIRR Software ToolsΒΆ

Version 1.0 (when finalised)

This questionnaire should be read in conjunction with the AIRR Software WG - Guidance for AIRR Software Tools.

To submit your tool for ratification against the standard, please send the completed questionnaire to

Please provide comments in italics in each response box where these would be helpful to facilitate understanding. We kindly ask for a brief explanatory comment if your answer to a question is no or not applicable.

Name of Tool:

Contact Name/Institution:

Contact email:

Requirement Ref. Question Response
1 Where is the source code published (please provide a link)?  

Does the tool support AIRR Data Representations standards?

Please list any other standard data formats that are supported


Does the distribution include example data?

Is the example data in MiAIRR format, where applicable?

Does the tool support or provide checks for expected output from example data?


yes/no/not applicable


4 Does the output of the tool include a summary of the run parameters? yes/no

Is a container build file provided?

Container technology used?

Is the container automatically built as new versions are released?


Docker/Singularity/Other (please specify)


6 Where can users see what level of support is available? (Please provide a link)  
7 Under what software licence is the tool published? (please provide the name of the licence (e.g. GPL, MIT) or a link