AIRR Ontologies and Vocabularies Team


The “Ontologies and Vocabularies Team” was formed as a joint interest group of the Common Repository (ComRepo) and the Minimal Standards (MiniStd) working groups of the AIRR Community. The long-term aim of the Team is to define standard vocabularies and ontologies to be used by AIRR-compliant databases.

Approved Ontologies

  • Uber-anatomy ontology (Uberon)

    • used in:

    • default root node

      • label: multicellular anatomical structure

      • local ID: UBERON:0010000

      • path: /BFO_0000002/BFO_0000004/anatomical entity/material anatomical entity/anatomical structure/multicellular anatomical structure

    • license: CC BY

    • repo:

    • latest release (as of 2020-05-20): 2019-11-22

    • maintainer: Chris Mungall, LBL, CA, US (