ADC API Reference ImplementationΒΆ

The AIRR Community provides a reference implementation for an ADC API service. The reference implementation can be utilized for any number of tasks. For example, a data repository might use the source code as a starting point for their own implementation and can compare the behaviour of their service against the reference. Another example is a tool developer, who wishes to use the API, can setup a local data repository so they can develop and test their tool before sending API requests across the internet to remote data repositories. While the reference implementation is functionally complete, it has minimal security and no optimizations for large data so it should not be used directly for production systems.

The reference implementation consists of three GitHub repositories: adc-api, adc-api-js-mongodb, and adc-api-mongodb-repository. The three repositories correspond to the top-level service composition (adc-api), a JavaScript web service that responds to API requests and queries a MongoDB database (adc-api-js-mongodb), and a MongoDB database for holding AIRR-seq data (adc-api-mongodb-repository). Docker and docker-compose are used to provide a consistent deployment environment and compose the multiple components together into a single service. Complete documentation for configuring and deploying the reference implementation is available in the adc-api repository.