Applications Supporting AIRR Standards

Rearrangement Schema

The following list of software tools and databases support the TSV format of v1.2 of the AIRR Rearrangement schema.

Software Version Support
AIRR Python Library 1.2 Input, output and validation
AIRR R Library 1.2 Input, output and validation
IgBLAST 1.10 Output
IGoR TBD Input and output
Immcantation:Change-O 0.4.2 Input, output and conversion
ImmuneDB 0.24.0 Output
iReceptor 2.0 Input, output and conversion
MiXCR 2.2.1 Output
OLGA TBD Input and output
Partis TBD Output
SONAR 3.0 Output
TRIgS 2 Input
VDJServer 1.2.0 Input and output
Vidjil-algo 2018.10 Output
Vidjil Web Platform TBD Input and conversion